Which Celebs Get The Most Stage Door Fans?


The other night, I passed by the stage door for Promises, Promises and saw scads of people lined up to get autographs and photos of Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth after the show.

Meanwhile, movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones (along with Angela Lansbury) pulls in throngs of stage door Johnnies and Janes over at A Little Night Music.

And when John Stamos did Bye Bye Birdie earlier this season, the crowds were almost as plentiful as the bad reviews that the tourists couldn’t have cared less about.

But outside the classy Sondheim on Sondheim revue last Wednesday, I only saw eight bedraggled people!


And they looked like the road company of Assassins!

This even though the cast includes music-and-TV-star Vanessa Williams and peerless legend Barbara Cook!

I’m hoping the reason for the sparseness is that to get to that particular stage door, you have to walk through a parking lot to the next block.

Not that theatergoers are simply OUT OF THEIR FREAKIN’ GOURDS!