Boycott Arizona by Shunning P.F. Chang’s Fake Chinese Food




You have probably heard that Arizona has decided police should be able to stop anyone who looks like he or she might be an undocumented immigrant, ask for identification, and arrest them if they fail to provide it. (No, not racial profiling, silly. Just looking out for illegal Mexicans!) Now there’s a push to boycott all things headquartered in Arizona, including P.F. Chang’s.

It may or may not be much of a sacrifice to give up that sweet, sweet, fake Chinese food, which can be found at branches in Hackensack, White Plains, and West New York, NJ.

Batter Blaster has offices in Arizona, but we discovered that it’s actually headquartered in Texas. But you might be better off boycotting aerosol-spray pancakes-in-a-can anyway.