Indian Virginity Case Marks a Victory for Liberated Ladies Worldwide


Today is a monumental day for those of us who are or have or might (given the right opportunity) live in sin. Or, say, not protect our virginhood unfailingly, 100 percent, always, even while drunk or really, really tired. Or who might mention in a magazine interview that not everyone actually is all about virginity nowadays, just sayin’.

When 39-year-old Tamil actress Khushboo (who goes by only one name, like Cher) told publications in 2005 that “no educated man would expect his [bride] to be a virgin,” a scandal erupted across southern India, with more than 22 criminal cases filed against her for “corrupting young minds” and “promoting premarital sex.”

The courts, however, have now ruled in Khushboo’s favor, reports the Telegraph — probably because they know what she said was true.

Pinky Anand, Khushboo’s lawyer, said she’s “delighted when the fundamental rights of speech and expression and opinion are upheld.”

“Our arguments were not trying to justify live-in partnerships, or that premarital sex is OK,” Ms. Anand said. “But don’t let us say these things are not talked about and not heard of.”

At one point in the case, judges pointed out that even Hindu gods Lord Krishna and Radha had shacked up. It only makes sense what with the cost of rent these days.

In honor of this occasion, here’s this. Probably NSFW if you work at, like, a bank. Or the SEC. Oh, nevermind — it’s not like it will get you fired.