Robert Sietsema at Talent Thai Kitchen; Sarah DiGregorio at Fatty ‘Cue


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema satisfies his craving for Thai at Talent Thai Kitchen, where “the food on the aggressively pan-Thai menu is worth whatever wait you have to endure.” Sarah DiGregorio discovers “what happens when you barbecue duck over an oak fire” at Fatty ‘Cue. (Hint: good things.)

Sam Sifton approves of The Mark, deeming the menu, “so unambitious that it is difficult to fumble… That doesn’t make it a bad menu.”
[NY Times]

Adam Platt agrees that, at The Mark, “the entrées are more prosaic.” At Recette, he finds that the “modestly priced… small-plate, ‘urban American menu is full of all sorts of elegant and unexpected surprises.
[NY Magazine]

Jay Cheshes has nothing but praise for ABC Kitchen: “Food that’s good for the planet needn’t be any less opulent, flavorful or stunning to look at. It’s haute green cuisine.”

Meanwhile Steve Cuozzo isn’t so sure: “in its lust for ‘locavore’ cred, ABC Kitchen lets certain considerations fall by the side of the dirt road.”
[NY Post]

Gael Greene finds that the food at Wall & Water is “mostly good, even very good, and not aggressively expensive.”
[Insatiable Critic]

Tables for Two deems La Sirène “the tiniest, least pretentious, more pleasurable French bistros in the city.”
[New Yorker]