This Week in The Voice: Every Hour is Happy Hour


What if you lived in a city where there was a bar with a happy hour, for every hour of the day? Guess what, New Yorkers: You do.

Here at the Village Voice, we’re more than just “not afraid” to be servicey. We’re practically the Servicey S.W.A.T. Team, especially when it comes to the matter of ruining your liver. Hence, New York Happy Hours, All Around the Clock, in which we put the liver of writer Ben Detrick on the line for you, the reader, the New Yorker, the kind who needs a drink right now. Related: If you see a skittish writer-type walking around the Bedford stop, looking like he’s had his stomach lining replaced five times in the last three weeks, that’s Ben. Feel free to thank him, preferably with a Shirley Temple.

Might need something to hold all that booze down, though. In this week’s Food, Sarah DiGregorio makes her way over to Fatty ‘Cue, the long-awaited Williamsburg dining destination for some funky, Fatty Crab-style finger-lickin’ fun, while Robert Sietsema looks for tasty, rare miracles on 34th Street at Talent Thai.

Ah, but what would booze be without the appropriate tunage? In Music, Voice music editor Rob Harvilla finds “eerie relief” and R. Kelly covers, as he talks to young folkie Sam Amidon. Elsewhere, Camille Dodero explores the evergreen charm that is Courtney Love, as the woman whose picture can easily be found in a phrase dictionary next to the words “hot mess” releases a new Hole album that likely wasn’t written by Kurt Cobain. Finally, Larry Blumenfeld takes the A-Train to check in on Harlem’s A-Game, or rather, A-C game, as he finds new life in Harlem’s Afro-Cuban Renaissance.

In Arts, Voice theater critic Michael Feingold gets smart with his review of Green Day’s punk Broadway musical American Idiot, while Alexis Soloski checks in on Alan Rickman’s turn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Strindberg’s Creditors.

Finally, in film, Tribeca’s almost over, but our film coverage persists! Aaron Hillis talks to Dutch filmmaker Tom Six, we look into the flock/gaggle/flying V (?) of bird movies at Anthology that aren’t The Birds or, sadly, the second Mighty Ducks movie, and Karina Longworth sits through something she describes as “Scott Cann’s Vanity Project,” which sounds terrifying. She’s apparently alive, and she wrote about it. Incidentally, she could probably use a happy hour about now.

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Food, Michael Musto, and Dan Savage. And then some.

The Village Voice: Getting you drunk off of our figurative “lady humps” since 1955. Wanna buy us a cheap drink? Now you know where to do it. And for you, New York City, we rally every time.