“We Are Still Gang Starr”: Vibe Interviews DJ Premier


An extensive chat here, discussing Gang Starr’s booze-swilling wild years (“It was like college”), how they went a little nuts after Moment of Truth went gold (“I remember we spent almost $10,000 on buying plaques for everybody that we knew deserved one”), the Guru-is-gay rumors (“he had too many women”), and of course, the infamous Solar/farewell letter (“I would love to see that letter. I would love to see the handwriting. Because I know Guru’s handwriting like the back of my hand with all the bills we had to pay together. I know it’s not him.”). Solar’s clowning continues apace. Premier is not as furious as you’d suspect he might be, or he’s just good at not showing it. If you ask me this interview is both “dope” and “WTF.”