Young Green Almonds at Sahadi’s


Fuzzier than a peach and as tart as green mango, they’re only available for a few short spring weeks.

When the fruits of the almond tree are very young, as they are now, they have a furry-crunchy-sour outer layer and a translucent, sweet, white, jelly-like center. These early green almonds are eaten all over the Mediterranean and Middle East–raw with salt, as a garnish, or sizzled in olive oil. Over time, the outside will be become dryer and more astringent until it’s the familiar hard, brown shell, and the inside will firm up and become the nut we usually eat.

At Sahadi’s a big basket of the plush green things beckoned, $3.50 a pound. The guy behind the counter suggested we eat them dipped in salt and olive oil, and so we did, and found them delicious.