Drink a Jet Pilot at Dram in Williamsburg


The drink: Jet Pilot

The bar: Dram, 177 South 4th Street, Brooklyn

The price: $9

The ingredients: Rhum agricole, Jamaican rum, housemade orgeat Falernum, fresh lime juice, and an absinthe rinse, swizzled over crushed ice.

The buzz: Beware, young tippler. This sweet, nutty, spicy potion is far deadlier than it looks. Or tastes. Two different types of rum, and a splash of absinthe will have you on your bottom in no time, so do sip responsibly. Disclaimer in place, you’re in for a treat: swizzles spell refreshment and this tiki-flavored swizzler is no different. It’s garnished with a sophisticated sprig of fresh mint, but the spirit of the drink screams perky paper umbrella. As the name suggests, may cause you to think you can fly.

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