Environmental Group Pissed Off about Cape Cod’s Exciting Environmental Effort, Basically Tell Wind Advocates to “Blow Me.”


The residents of the place that was named after the best potato chips EV-AR are going to be a part of one of the more exciting environmental efforts taking place in America right now: The federal government has given the green light to Cape Wind Associates to build a wind farm used to harvest energy — out of wind! — in Nantucket Sound. Except some local “environmental advocates” are pissed about it.

Yes, you read that correctly:

Environmental advocates — the kind who are constantly beating the drum of “green” electricity — are pissed about this. Meet the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, the worst environmental group basically ever:

The Alliance is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the long-term preservation of Nantucket Sound. It was formed in 2001 in response to Cape Wind’s proposal to build a wind farm in the Sound. Our goal is to protect Nantucket Sound in perpetuity through conservation, environmental action, and opposition to inappropriate industrial or commercial development. The Alliance supports formal designation of Nantucket Sound as a marine protected area.

They’re concerned about things like fishing being affected! And taxes being spent! And:

“4. Aesthetic pollution”

Which will look like this, from the APNS website:

Above which are the words:


Sorry Massholes, you’re taking a hit for the team on this one. Because if the world doesn’t convert to green energy soon, at some point your quality of life isn’t going to matter, because we’re all going to have digits growing out of our foreheads from all the nuclear waste we continue to bury under our country. The worst part is that this is expensive (even though, as a federal initiative, some of this money will come from federal funding), you’re right about the private contracting being terrible, you know the government kind of screws up on everything to some degree, and this is all also fairly insignificant in the short term (because, come on, it’s not like this is gonna power the eastern seaboard). But guess what: Sometimes, you gotta deal with the cost of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world with the natural resources to facilitate an important project that will be in clear view for lots of people who need to see how important this is in the long term. Besides which, there are at least four other energy contractors in your backyard who’re way more insidious than the guys with the windmills. Hell, you’ll get some jobs out of it, you might even get some tourism money where you didn’t before! And if you really have a problem with how those things look in your ocean, it’s probably fair to estimate that the government will not infringe on your right to simply turn your head to the left.