Genesis P-Orridge Is Having a Tag Sale in Ridgewood This Weekend and You’re Invited


If you had to guess what was in Throbbing Gristle mastermind Genesis P-Orridge’s closet, you probably wouldn’t have dreamed up a sleeveless Gary Gilmore Memorial Society half-shirt — too perfect to be real. But Genesis has one, and she’s looking to get rid of it, along with a roomful of other amazing bric-a-bric this weekend at a tag sale/art installation in Ridgewood’s Famous Accountants gallery. “Basically, it’s a garage sale,” Famous Accountants co-owner Kevin Regan told Brooklyn Based. “She’s our neighbor and has been around a bit. She asked and we thought it would be a really cool idea-a garage sale as an art project.” Really cool idea = understatement of the month.

Famous Accountants lists the price range from $5 – $1000 — meaning most of the stuff is priced in the context of art, though you may be able to score something random for cheap. Here’s a preview of what’ll be on sale:

So whenever you find yourself wondering why you still live in New York, don’t own property, and count the local bartender among your best friends, remember things like this.

[via New York Press via Brooklyn Based]