Morning Links: Lucky Charms, Mud Truck Sightings, and Smurfs


• That oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is bad — 5,000 barrels a day bad. The spill may reach the coast by Friday. One small bright(ish) spot: The crude is light, more like “iced tea” than heavier crude, and will “cause less environmental damage.” No comment from Arizona Iced Tea.

• Lucky charms do work, kinda, if you believe in them with your whole, pure heart and happen to be in a situation where you can actually make what you want to happen happen. Fingers crossed. (Oil spill, begone!)

• The White House is totally snubbing Goldman. (Goldman is, in turn, snubbing the White House.)

• The Mud Truck has been sighted, but it’s still not back at Astor Place.

Funeral services for Lower East Side community activist Harry Wieder, who was killed crossing Essex Street on Tuesday night, will be held Friday.

New cell phone apps for “concerned parents or employers” lock up cell phones while a car is in motion, effectively preventing texting, calling, e-mailing, Web surfing, or anything else you’d do with a phone, in a car.

Robert Downey Jr. rather enjoys being behind bars.

• There will be Smurfing in the East Village today.

• It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday today.