New: Yang Jia Xing Resturant, Frying Fuzhou Oyster Cakes


From the annals of cheap, delicious snacks, we present the hefty, UFO-like Fujianese oyster cake. Sometimes called a Fuzhou oyster cake, after the capitol city of the Chinese province, the fritters sport a crunchy, peanut-studded outer shell that crunches into a filling of scallions, cabbage, ground pork, and whole oysters.

Yang Jia Xing is a recent addition to Eighth Avenue’s Chinatown. Along with those oyster cakes, it serves Fujianese casseroles (printed as “casserikes”), noodles fried or in soup, and a lengthy list of other dishes, like goose intestine with black bean sauce, conch with wine dregs, braised whole fish with pine nuts, and clams with loofah.

But if you want something portable and ultra-cheap, the oyster cake is the way to go. For $1, one of the servers will hustle into the back kitchen and emerge with the piping hot croquette, as big as a softball. If they’re a little greasier (and 30 cents more expensive!) than the version down the street at Red Apple, the filling is more generous: heavy on the ground pork, a liberal number of whole oysters, and a well-seasoned mix of steamy cabbage and scallion. It’s a satisfying way to spend a buck.

5304 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn