Overnight Rap Bonanza!: Drake’s “Find Your Love,” Eminem’s “Not Afraid”


Two pretty specific moves in play here: Drake, on the verge of releasing a much anticipated debut, is putting the world on notice–“Find Your Love” (download at Rap Radar) is straight R&B, over a Kanye production that sounds a lot like something left over from the 808s & Heartbreak sessions. This is how you let your fans know you’re that dude–e.g., the one who doesn’t rap all the time–and, hopefully, pick up a whole new, softer demographic while you’re at it.

Meanwhile Eminem, standing at the other end of a career that’s taken its share of detours since his 2004 Encore, is doing the Noreaga-patented, “I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-assed album” self-lacerating fan-apology. Hence: “In fact, let’s be honest/That last Relapse CD was ehh.” Em even cops to abusing that incredibly annoying, vaguely Middle Eastern inflection that was all over his last record: “Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground,” he says in what might be the most self-aware Eminem moment in the last six years. Anyway, the symbolic connection between the two rappers, young and old? (Besides “Forever,” anyway?) “Not Afraid” is produced by Boi-1da, the Canadian producer Drake made famous. See? It’s the circle of life! Download the track at Your Audio Fix.