Pap Alert: Smurfing Is ON in the East Village


Your Runnin’ Scared Smurf Stalker team did a bit of legwork today and we have confirmation: The Smurfs movie is indeed filming today on 7th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A in the East Village. While not a Smurf was to be seen (we suspect they were all sleeping off their three martini lunches and will be added in later with the magic of CGI), Neil Patrick Harris was present in partial Doogie Howser, M.D., glory — that is to say, exceedingly tan and a bit gaunt.

Among the small crowd watching the filming, NPH-lovers seemed to outnumber Smurf-lovers, even though the directors’ Smurf chairs emblazoned with the movie’s logo in trademark Smurf blue were rather excellent. One admiring fan shouted “I love you, Doogie!” as the take ended. And then the office (and lunch) beckoned, and we had to go.

We snagged some photos, which admittedly leave something to be desired as we are not professional paps (yet). But that’s Neil himself in the tan blazer, realistically scaled to the approximate size of an actual Smurf.

Note: The Smurfs are partiers — a hypodermic syringe was spotted by an eagle-eyed field reporter at 4th and Avenue A, mere blocks from Craft Services.