Vladimir Putin Dubs Drugged Polar Bear “Master of the Arctic”


During a recent visit to the Russian archipelago (remember that word from social studies?) of Franz Josef Land, our favorite Spice Guy, Sporty Putin, caressed an anesthetized polar bear while his cohorts collared and weighed it.

After the deed was done, Putin shook the drugged (506-pound) bear’s paw and said, “The bear is the master of the Arctic.”

The polar bear did not appreciate the irony implied.

“Although Mr. Putin has a reputation for pushing a muscular foreign policy and tightening control over the Russian political system,” reports the Telegraph, “he has occasionally shown compassion for wildlife and nature.”

Along with polar bears, Putin enjoys “being outdoorsy,” swimming, and showing off his perfect pecs. Folks, I would not lead you astray: This video is a must-see.