Welcome To A Kinder, Gentler Lit Lounge


Lit Lounge, East Village bastion of the late, late Wednesday night, two floors worth of DJs going pretty much 24/7, and other neighbor-unfriendly practices, is trying make amends. The club has placed flyers on adjacent apartment buildings with the names and numbers of three different Lit managers, offering to help with soundproofing and excessive noise that might be coming from the venue at importune times. In addition, EV Grieve reports, they are now enforcing a hard 4 a.m. mandatory music cessation, sound system “limiters,” extra staff and security out on the street doing crowd control, and “noticeably bigger” safety signs inside the club.

This comes in response to a war Lit is fighting on two fronts: on the one, an infuriated community board that accused the club of running “an unbelievably irresponsible business” back in March; on the other, a city that has not yet made up its mind as far as how far it will go in punishing Lit for numerous smoking violations documented in the last six months or so by the Health Department. Lit’s anarchic nature has long been a big part of its charm, especially in its lawless death trap of a basement. That said, better here than gone. [EVG]