Gallery Show Celebrates the Immigrant Population of Lost, Shows Off Props from the Set


Even as we sob mournfully into our Dharma beers over the approaching series finale of ABC’s six-season head trip, Lost, the gallerists at Manhattan’s Vilcek Foundation are working on a Lost-centric exhibition to ease our pain.

Come May 20th, three days before the implosion of the television watching world, the organization dedicated to honoring foreign born scholars and artists living in the U.S., will open a gallery show focused on the contributions of immigrants and first-generation Americans, both in the cast and behind the scenes of the very multicultural series.

Even a brief search proves there’s more to the actors who play Hurley, Jin, Sun, Richard, and Charlie than their characters, each of a single national origin, let on.

For example, Daniel Dae Kim, who plays the initially non-English speaking “Jin,” was born in South Korea but raised in Pennsylvania. His fictional wife, the more Americanized “Sun” played by Yunjin Kim, is a resident of Seoul and a successful actress there too. Nestor Carbonell, the immortal “Richard Alpert” — he of the permanent guyliner — was born in the U.S., but raised in Venezuela by Cuban and Spanish parents.

The two-week-only installation will also provide a drool-worthy opportunity for super fans to get up close and personal with a collection of notable props direct from the mystical island set. So put down the Dharma beer and step away from the Hulu: You’re permitted a few more days of obsessive clinging after the series finale. Just try to avoid stealing any remnants of the flight 815 fuselage.