Jamie Oliver Praises Mickey D’s; Lady Gaga on the Baby Food Diet


The Times Square Alliance is seeking proposals from local businesses to operate concession stands in the pedestrian plazas located on Broadway between 42d and 47th Streets.
[NY Times]

The National Milk Producers Federation is lobbying the FDA to require that plant-based beverages, like soy milk, be labeled something other than milk, such as “imitation milk.”
[USA Today]

Thirteen different kinds of spirits went head-to-head for the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge to determine which brands are the best to use in a given cocktail.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Jamie Oliver recently praised McDonald’s for having better food than many fast-food chains in the U.K., and being better than McDonald’s in the U.S.
[ABC News]

Lady Gaga is reportedly “living off baby food — which is not giving her enough energy to sustain grueling performances,” which has those close to her worried.
[Huffington Post]

Southern cooking is enjoying a Golden Age, with Southern chefs gaining accolades around the country, and Southern cookbooks being nominated for James Beard awards.
[ABC News]

Floridita Restaurant on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus, was forced to close due to a buckled kitchen floor. Now, the 36-member staff, some decades old, have nowhere to go.
[NY Times]

Frites’N’Meats organic burger truck says, “it’s OK to eat meat, as long as it’s good meat.” The truck is parked in Tribeca, Midtown, or the Financial District.
[Wall Street Journal]