Lloyd Banks Has An 8-Year-Old Kid In His Entourage


Not much to report from last night’s bizarrely curated Lloyd Banks/Reflection Eternal/Cory Gunz/Jackie Chain showcase at the Nokia Theater, besides the fact that New York still goes crazy for “Beemer, Benz or Bentley,” and Talib Kweli still performs twice as long as anybody wants him to. But there was one revelation: the tiny child who took the stage with the rest of the G-Unit goons midway through Banks’s set. YouTube, normally stalwart, scrupulous chronicler of every tiny little thing that happens at a rap show, is unfortunately failing us this morning, as far as yielding really prime video evidence, but if you watch from about 3:30-3:55 in the below video, you can glimpse the little man in question, decked out in a Yankee fitted and matching jacket:

A not so wild guess would suggest he is either the son of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, or Tony Yayo. Perhaps the last is the most probable. Though we have failed thus far to find video of it, the child and Yayo did a coordinated dance where they both waved their hands in front of their own faces in sync, right after Yayo bounded out onstage. With the caveat that Yayo probably has specific dances he does with any number of people who might wander onstage with G-Unit, we felt like we really glimpsed a familial bond there. Anybody know who this kid is?