NYC Tour Bus Guides Silenced by Having Metaphorical Vocal Chords Disemboweled


The other headline was “Subset of NYC Long in Need of Being Told to ‘STFU’ Finally Mandated by City to ‘STFU,'” but there’re precious Google results to be had, here.

Yes, it’s true. Those guys who roam the city with the same people who buy Shake-A-Snows and Fake Gucci Bucket Hats from Ground Zero before stopping by Magnolia Bakery to get an “authentic” taste of New York have essentially been told to “shut your stupid face” in a rare move by the City Council, in which necessary legislative action has been taken to the benefit of New Yorkers. Seriously. Chris Herring at the Wall Street Journal reports:

The City Council silenced open-air tour buses Thursday, mandating they replace loudspeaker systems with headphones… The legislation passed requires the buses be outfitted with headphones by July 2015. Residents in Greenwich Village, the West Village and Hell’s Kitchen led the fight. “It’s like a water faucet dripping the entire day, except loudly,” said Barbara Backer of Our Streets, Our Lives, a citizens’ advocacy group that’s been pushing for the change for about four years.

On behalf of New Yorkers everywhere who hear nails on a chalkboard every time those big red monsters stroll through our neighborhoods (while tourists crane-neck at the adorable way locals twitch every time someone says the words “Just like Carrie did!“), thank you. Nothing else, just: Thank you.