Posts of the Week


Friday afternoon is upon us. And so it is time to cast a gimlet eye towards the best posts of the past few days:

We ranked Our 10 Worst Food Show Hairstyles.

We discovered the true origins of Hawaiian pizza.

Luke’s Lobster’s Luke Holden talked seafood, $30 rolls, and Maine pride.

Here We Go, Happy Hour visited the JakeWalk in Carroll Gardens.

Fuzhou oyster cakes at Eighth Avenue’s Yang Jia Xing make an excellent Incredibly Cheap Eat.

Tangled Vine’s Evan Spingarn talked sustainable wine, pairing myths, and drinking what you don’t know.

Here’s the Early Word on Otarian.

KFC’s Pink Bucket Campaign: Combat breast cancer by eating food that may cause it!

Young green almonds have arrived at Sahadi’s.