Sad Things for Lonely People: Soap and Tears


Today’s Sad Things for Lonely People is a study in tragicomedy, as they oft seem to be. For, when you are sad and lonely, the objects that you choose to surround yourself with may become increasingly comedic, at least to the callous external perspective. But to you, they are weep-worthy specimens showcasing the leagues of your tortured soul. Yes, we understand.

Case in point, these adorable soaps that resemble the eensy-weensy hands of the children that you will never bear, as it is not your fate in life to procreate but instead only to die alone with very clean hands, clutching the disintegrating remains of the tiny but humanlike soap fingers that have been your dearest companions for the last 60 years.

Can’t really imagine yourself with a boring old Waspy baby soap hand? Don’t worry, they come in all shapes, colors, sizes and personalities!