Study: Hands-Down, New Yorkers Have the Best Knees


Congrats, New Yorkers! Along with being the coolest, the smartest, and perhaps the most cynical and jaded interestingly beautiful folks around (that’s a compliment), we also have the best knees, Crain’s reports. Uh huh, that’s right. (Hey, take a picture — it’ll last longer.)

Manhattanites are the most likely people in the nation to make it past age 65 without getting a knee replaced, a Dartmouth study recently found.

The numbers, based on an analysis of 2006 Medicare data, show that there is tremendous variation in rates of joint replacement operations across the nation, and Manhattan has the lowest knee rates in the country.

Guess why? Cause we’re not fat! (That’s what the doctors say, anyway.)

Only 4 Manhattan Medicare patients per 1,000 had knee replacements, compared to 15.7 patients per 1,000 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

So next time your portly Midwestern cousins hassle you over your “hard-to-live-in, scary, dangerous, pollution-and-crime-filled city,” where you have to walk “all the time,” just give them a good, swift kick in the ass. That’ll teach ’em.