The Wall Street Journal and the P.S. 1 Name Change: Conspiracy Theory!


Today, the New York Times takes note of the Museum of Modern Art catering to tourists who’re too vapid unfamiliar with our city to sort out the name of their contemporary art outpost in Long Island City, P.S. 1. Thus, the Museum of Modern art has taken the radical step of changing the name of P.S. 1, which they’ve changed to…

MoMA PS 1.” And the reason they give for the change?

It’s a clarification,” said Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA PS 1’s director. “People hear P.S. 1, and they still think it’s a school.” (The Romanesque Revival building was the first public school in Queens but closed in 1963 because of low attendance. The art space opened there in 1976.) The change, Mr. Biesenbach added, also signals a further “growing together” of the two institutions.

Right, not because the MoMA brand name sells better than a contemporary art museum in Long Island City, which likely doesn’t have such as strong appeal to those in need of a “clarification” without the association of its Tim Burton-exhibit showcasing Manhattan brethren.

The name change becomes official as they run the advertising and promotions for P.S. 1’s forthcoming show that they run every five years to showcase the way they “take the pulse of emerging art in the metropolitan area.” And what’s the new P.S. 1 show called?

Greater New York.

And maybe you haven’t heard (or don’t care), but the Wall Street Journal just launched their much-ballyhooed new metropolitan section, which is called…

GREATER NEW YORK! The icy-cold arthritic hand of Rupert Murdoch touches all! The possibility of the Wall Street Journal or the Museum of Modern Art engaging in a piece of subversive performance art should never* be overlooked. Neither should either moneyed institution’s penchant for self-promotion or crafty cross-promotion. Or entirely weird, funny coincidence. Or the emergence of a GREATER NEW YORK!

*Before you’re like, “OMG this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you’re a stoopid” know that nobody in their right mind would actually believe this is a conspiracy, withholding the fact that I actually have to explain sometimes to some people.