How to Follow the White House Press Correspondents Dinner on Twitter


Happy May Day! Or happy White House Press Correspondents Dinner Day, depending how famous you are, how closely you follow the high school side of politics or how much you wish you were famous. Or! How much you wish you were close enough to famous people and D.C. insiders to know what they smell like. (Hint: it’s always booze.)

At 6 p.m. eastern time the cocktails start flowing. Greta Van Susteren and the Emanuel brothers are already on their way to getting wrecked, probably. The dinner is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. with jokes by Jay Leno, followed by jokes about Jay Leno from everyone on the Internet. (But how crazy would it be if Leno teased Obama about cheating on Michelle, right?)

Anyway, the festivities began last night, with parties including the Time/People rager and The New Yorker drum & bass rave, the Voice has learned. How do we know, even though we’re sitting at a home? Behold, the internet:

The WHPCD, or Nerd Prom as it’s now known, collects the likes of George Stephanopoulos, Justin Bieber, Jenny Sanford, and dudes from Gossip Girl in our nation’s capital for a lot of mutual masturbation (figurative!) under the guise of self-deprecation. It’s when media and political squares try to have Hollywood-style fun and the Attorney General poses for a TwitPic with Marlon Wayans and Scarlett Johansson. In other words, a blogger’s wet dream. More on the guest list here.

If you want in on the parties, try this. If you want to read about the parties from home or on your cell phone, Twitter is your best bet, and you can start with these all-stars.

1. Ana Marie Cox

She made this shit for the modern age, including dubbing the whole mess Nerd Prom. Last year, she killed the cell phone photo game, and her profile has only increased in the year since. Keep an eye on the hashtag she originated, too: #nerdprom.

2. Rachel Sklar

The woman about town and Mediaite editor at large is never shy with her cell phone camera, and is already on her grind, strutting and tweeting her way through Friday’s New Yorker party on the terrace of the W Hotel. “Hi Rahm!!” she said, before reporting a Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann sighting.

3. Kim Kardashian

Yes, Kim Kardashian — self proclaimed “business woman, exec producer, fashion designer, perfumista” — is present. For maximum awkward juxtaposition, may we request a snapshot with either Joe Biden or CIA Director Leon Panetta?

4. Chris Cillizza

Representing the Washington Post and his Fix blog, Cillizza has been slow to start, but promises live updates as the night kicks into gear.

5. John Koblin and Felix Gillette

The Observer‘s dynamic Media Mob duo Koblin and Gillette sent a dispatch from the road yesterday and will doubtlessly have their ears to the ground for the best mini-scoops of the night.

Here at Runnin’ Scared we’ll have our eyes peeled, too (or glued to the screen, as it may be), so stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend. Oh and: CALL ME IF SOMETHING COOL HAPPENS.

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UPDATE: It’s all happening.

Howard Kurtz, too!