The Skinny Jeans Defense Decides Rape Case


It’s becoming a trend. Not the tight pants — those are old news — but the role of skinny jeans in rape cases worldwide is growing. This time, it was an Australian man acquitted of rape on Friday, after a judge ruled that removing skinny jeans requires some collaboration, the Daily News is reporting.

And it’s not the first time! The same thing happened in South Korea and was invoked in Italy. In the latter case the judge had a bit better of an idea of how these things work, upholding the conviction and stating, “jeans cannot be compared to any type of chastity belt.”

How tight are we talking, though?

In the latest case, the man admitted to having sex with the woman, but insisted it was consensual:

The woman said Gonzales pushed her on his bed and held her down against her will, the Daily Mail reported.

“I struggled to try to get up for a while and then he undid my jeans and he pulled them off,” she testified.

Gonzales’ lawyer pressed her, saying it would be “difficult for skinny jeans to be taken off by someone else unless the wearer’s assisting, collaborating, consenting.”

By this twisted logic, once the pants come off it’s a done deal — no turning back — and that sets a dangerous precedent. But no one would argue those things are easy to get off.