Arugula and Potato Roll from BondSt Sushi


Is it a salad? Is it a casserole topped with fried potatoes from a can? No, it’s a maki roll, a foodstuff that seems to encourage experimentation. This one, from BondSt Sushi in Noho, is particularly odd.

The roll ($8) is filled with a great quantity of raw arugula, and topped with fried potato sticks. It’s a surprise to bite through the rice and seaweed and end up munching on unadorned arugula like a rabbit. The fried potato sticks on top don’t quite hang onto each piece, so you’re left chopsticking them up.

It’s a tasty enough oddity, but one that we probably wouldn’t order again, barring an uncontrollable craving for bitter greens while eating sushi.

6 Bond Street