Baby Boomer Tells Twitterati to Tweet Down


Some cantankerous self-categorizing Boomer type has posted a three-page missive (employing such old-world techniques as Scotch tape and real, live paper) outside of Tom & Jerry’s on Elizabeth Street.

If you’ll recall, the bar was recently touted (or outed) by the New York Times as the place where the digerati elite meet, greet, and tweet:

A kind of Elaine’s for the glittering digital set, the bar, on any given weeknight, plays host to Internet start-up stars and strivers alike, the founders and their fashion-world girlfriends, the bloggers who write about them and the advertising agency kids hoping to capitalize early on their work.

Meaning, with any luck, said digerati will soon vacate for a less overhyped locale, if they haven’t already — likely by the time this sign falls down due to humidity.

We do hate to point out — but we will — that “obliged” is spelled with an “o.” Which any old-world dictionary lover should know.

Thanks, EV Grieve.