Following in Jim Leff’s Footsteps, Mark Bittman Now Has a Slog


A year in the making, Mark Bittman’s re-launched earlier today, not as a blog or a website, but as a slog.

A “salon” and “blog” hybrid, Bittman’s slog will be, he promises, “an active, dynamic, bloggy, constantly updated site.” He’s enlisted the talents of writers like Barry Estabrook (who won a Beard award last night for his Gourmet article about modern slavery in the Florida tomato industry), Civil Eats‘ Paula Crossfield, and The Art of Eating In’s Cathy Erway.

Bittman’s not the only one who’s slogging away: Seattle’s The Stranger has had a slog since 2006, and Chowhound co-founder (and trombonist!) Jim Leff also has one that’s called, appropriately, Jim Leff’s Slog. Leff’s slog currently features numerous photos from his trip to Spain, while Bittman’s has some equally appealing photos of asparagus.

[Via the Food Section]