Mike Bloomberg: Where’s the Love for the Alert Street Vendors?


Given how we treat our street vendors in this city (you know, like, ticketing them for taking a piss), this shouldn’t be a big surprise. Mayor Bloomberg treated Officer Wayne Rhatigan, who first responded to the Times Square bomb scare, to a nice steak dinner last night.

But missing from the festivities were the first people to actually respond to the explosive-filled vehicle, before they alerted authorities. Street vendors Lance Orton and Duane Jackson were “inspecting the SUV when they heard several ‘pops’ that sounded like firecrackers before seeing streams of smoke.”

The duo were not present with Rhatigan at the mayor’s table at Blue Fin. Granted, Orton doesn’t seem to want much attention, but his fans want to see him treated right.

So what did outraged vendy-lovers do? They started a Facebook page.

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