Morning Links: Oil Continues to Spill, Continental + United 4Ever, Britney Does “Telephone”


Good morning and welcome to your rainy, humid Monday. Forecast: 80 degrees. Here’s what’s going on in the world.

• BP is preparing to install a shutoff valve on one of three leaks gushing from the oil spill off the coast of New Orleans. President Obama visited the area on Sunday afternoon to gauge the response effort; he warns the spill may have long-term repercussions.

Meanwhile, the oil slick seems to be drifting toward the Alabama and Florida coasts. And Alabama attorney general Troy King is telling BP to stop circulating settlement agreements (which would require residents to give up their right to sue for a payment of up to $5,000) among coastal Alabamians.

Continental and United are merging in a $3 billion deal that will create the world’s largest airline. The happy couple will use United’s name, and Continental’s logo and aircraft. No word on baggage claim fees.

• The Department of Justice and the FTC are reportedly discussing who will bring an antitrust inquiry into Apple’s policy of requiring software app developers to use only Apple’s programming tools. (On another note: 1 million iPads have now been sold.)

• Exceedingly hungry skinny boy mannequins are leading to male anorexia! 40 percent of binge eaters are men, New York Magazine reports.

• St. John the Divine is home to three baby hawks.

• There’s a new version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” in town, and this time it’s from Britney, says Perez.