Photos: Rites of Spring, A DJ Benefit For Haiti Featuring Alex Ross, Björk, Dave Longstreth, Tyondai Braxton, and Brandon Stosuy


We won’t pretend to be remotely objective about Rites of Spring, last night’s DJ benefit for Haiti organized by our pal Brandon Stosuy and featuring the diverse yet weirdly complementary talents of the New Yorker‘s Alex Ross (whose charming setlist is already up on his blog), Björk, the Dirty Projectors’s Dave Longstreth and Amber Coffman, and Battles’s Tyondai Braxton. Suffice to say it was 100 degrees inside Bushwick’s Above the Auto Parts Store, a complicated “Bieber Detonation” was assayed (as in: the 11/4 bar from the Rite + Bieber’s “Baby” + Lachenmann + Non’s “Fire in the Organism” + Cage’s Williams Mix), and Stosuy’s late-stage, all black metal set (plus Aaliyah!) was greeted like the blessing of a god. Voice photographer Sam Horine was on hand to capture the madness.