Poverty Forces Local Memoirist to Listen to Pig Destroyer


Credit Maura for lasting long enough in the New York Times‘s dreaded Modern Love column yesterday to turn up this revelation regarding the love memoirist Rachel Sontag found while she was down and out. “I simply needed to make enough to pay next month’s rent so we could maintain our state of suspended existence together,” Sontag writes. “I took a job as a hostess at a restaurant in Harlem. I walked neighbors’ dogs. I bathed and fed friends’ children. I pursued work as a foot fetish model. I posed nude for a 75-year-old artist doing a series of oil-painted vulvas. I sold beer at death-metal shows called ‘Brutal Truth,’ ‘Pig Destroyer’ and ‘Repulsion.'” So there you have it: attending a Pig Destroyer show ranks somewhere between having your vulva painted in oil by an old man and walking strange dogs for money. We’re positive they’d be flattered. [NYT]