Everyone Is Trying To Impersonate Craig Finn All Of A Sudden


Yes, America, someone has started a fake Craig Finn Twitter feed. Results thus far are a bit uneven (boooooo), but the Hold Steady frontman certain has a vivid style to play with — what the Times‘ Ben Ratliff describes, in his review of the band’s new record, Heaven Is Whenever, as “typically dense with dialogue, narrative, and extra syllables crammed into the meter, as well as allusions to old rock records, Roman Catholicism, drugs, and locations in the American Midwest.” And then Ratliff starts writing his own Craig Finn lyrics.

Yes, most of Ratliff’s review is presented as a lyric sheet. Sample:

She said, Well, then, this band needs more cowbell. This album comes on heartland-sensitive, like Wilco, but delays real gratification till Track 4.

I said, “The Smidge”? That’s batting cleanup, like “Iron Man” on “Paranoid,” they’re doubling lead guitars and doubling back for more.

Ehh. Hard to tell who’s doing a better job here (assuming we’re dealing with two different people!), but this Twitter guy is trying hard. Can we do the dude from the National next?