Happy 50th, Birth Control Pill!


Your favorite little how-bout-I-not-get-knocked-up-tonight tablet is turning a wise old 50 this year, and a Harris Poll survey of 2,755 U.S. adults says that 86 percent of Americans believe it has been good for society, with 56 percent saying it has been very good. Men and women pretty much agree on this (as they should if they are ever to become healthy, responsible non-parents), with 89 percent of women and 83 percent of men shouting its praises. And what’s not to love, right?

Except, 5 percent of baby-lovin’/morality-preachin’ breeders think the pill has been “very bad” for society. Morals, schmorals. I’m pretty sure their last name is Duggar, and if they actually took the time to get to know the pill, they’d find it quite pleasant. Those pills come in adorable little packages, just like babies, you know. And they don’t ever vomit on you.