L Train Twitter Tales, Part 2: That “Shit Don’t Show in My Drug Test”


When it comes to L Train service, Williamsburg’s skinny-jean-choked underground thoroughfare, you never know what sort of experience you’ll encounter — homeless dude Aladdin sing-a-longs (saw it yesterday), public drunkenness across the spectrum, and, most reliably, rampant cell phone typers expounding on the highlights of their riotous ride. Perhaps it’s the number of Twitter accounts per square inch in the ‘burg, or that Tweeting is the most self-important of the arts, but in our Tweet-perusing experience the L consistently churns out the most enlightening and entertaining updates. A quick search of the last few days yielded just the sort of sassy mini-monologues you’d expect from “the hipster train.” To wit, our second edition of the best Tweets from the L train:


The no money, warm seat lottery.


Does blogging count? Or. What about that time I was a barista for like two weeks during study abroad!?


Homelessness, sooo cute. Ohmygaaah.


Kind of the opposite of the L train stigma. It’s overeducated and unemployed.


It’s just doing the Obama/Biden Amtrak ‘slow roll.’ Very classy.


Proof! The FakeMTA tweeter officially lives at the Bedford Ave. stop, the epicenter of parody Twitter accounts.


It appears the “that guy” breed of obnoxious tourist, native to the Time Square/Penn Station region has finally made it Brooklyn. Was he wearing a foam crown of any kind?


When searching “L train” on Twitter, 90 percent of tweets are drug references. It just becomes a matter of picking the classiest one. This gentlemen won out for pure sophistication and honesty.


On a jam packed L train trying really hard not to tell this guy to stop muttering Great Lakes in my ear.


Anyone? No? Guys? Is there anybody out there? Come on, look how many possible trending topics this is gonna show up under! #howtolookdesperateviahashtag.


Now that is some suggestive ellipses placement.

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