Lbs., the Movie: Worth the Weight?


In this era of food porn and lifting the veil on major food corps, a film about the struggles of overeating may seem trite, or incredibly appropriate, depending on your perspective (and is probably far more watchable than Kirstie Alley’s Big Life). Lbs. takes a look at food addiction through the eyes of protagonist, Neil, a 27-year-old weighing in at more than 300 lbs. The young man leaves his parents’ Brooklyn home to battle his addiction to eating in a secluded trailer in the country, where a childhood friend, now a drug addict, joins him to shake the monkeys of their respective backs together.

Made in 2004, the film debuted at Sundance (overshadowed by stiff competitors Napoleon Dynamite, Maria Full of Grace, and Super Size Me), and only made it to screens this year. If you missed the Village East Cinema screening in March, look for in on DVD by year-end.

[via Washington Post]