Linguistics 202: The Advanced “Isms” Class, in Which Socialism May Be Growing on Us and Capitalism Is Not the Man We Thought It Was


Ever get tired of how certain people drop the word “socialism” like it’s worse than, say, a bomb in Times Square? And how generally those same people also tout “capitalism” as a 10th wonder of the world, something blessed and holy that can do no wrong, despite the lessons handed down by former captains of industry and a certain company that rhymes with “Old Man Packs”?

Well, the times, they be a’changin’. Sorta. In fact, “capitalism” is down, and “socialism” is up, according to a new Pew Research survey.

“Capitalism” is regarded positively by a majority of public, though it is a thin majority. Among certain segments of the public — notably, young people and Democrats — both “isms” are rated about equally.

In other news, 89 percent of people like “family values” (although that doesn’t mean they like actual families), all Libertarians like “libertarian,” and 21 percent of weapons-stockpilers like “militia.” And everybody except for the Australian police likes “pricks.”