Michael White Will Go Mediterranean, a Little Bit Moroccan at the Setai


Metromix also went to the Beard Awards last night, and has a nifty slide show to show for it. The site’s intrepid reporters also gathered some choice morsels from the award nominees, including some information about Michael White’s new venture at the Setai.

Of his new project, White reports that “It’ll definitely be something Mediterranean. We’re going to do something that’s definitely Italian in genre. From Spain all the way to Italy, from Luguria. But also to be able to do something with a bit of spices and things like that–that aren’t usually part of the Italian playbook. There’s Moroccan influences–I don’t wanna say it’s going to be Moroccan. Italian food doesn’t have that many spices. It’s usually rosemary, thyme, garlic. [This is not gonna be crazy], but it’s gonna be a little bit of stuff.”

In other news, Sam Mason revealed some new details about his new project (which he first told us about in February). Asked whether it would be a bar or restaurant, he said, “Restaurant. Oooh…hybrid. I’m changing my decision to hybrid. American food. It’ll be in Brooklyn.”