New The-Dream, Featuring T.I.: “Make Up Bag”


For the clicking spine of this particular production, let’s take it back to “Hater,” the sublime iTunes extra from The-Dream’s Love vs. Money. “Hater” and Dream’s latest, “Make Up Bag,” have the same muffled snap to them, though like most of the newer Dream stuff we’ve heard so far, the pure-id emotional existentialism of dude’s last record is here replaced by something a lot more normal–a blueprint toward winning back your girl when she thinks you’ve wronged her. Useful! Tiger Woods once called the concept of buying your woman a bunch of nice stuff by way of apology “The Kobe Special.” Thankfully, both Dream and T.I. employ a slightly lighter, more graceful touch here and plus, they’re innocent! It’s pretty, and maybe slightly inconsequential: can you tell summer is almost here? [Nah Right]