New York City: The Math Museum Is Coming, Motherfactors!


Prompting traumatic flashbacks and striking fear into the hearts of liberal arts graduates, people so traumatized by a TI-86 that they still can’t bring themselves to buy an iPhone, and anybody who’s ever had a nightmare about those numbers-obsessed Chasid stalkers in Pi… New York City is getting a Math Museum.

Via Dana Rubinstein at the New York Observer, a former hedge-funder and Ph.D. in math, Glen Whitney (pictured), has hired a brokerage firm specializing in non-profits to get his Math Museum a 15K – 20K square-foot home. It’s place Whitney one days hopes to become a “national museum of mathematics.”

The museum idea is preceded by Whitney’s Math Midway — yes, Math Midway — which is his traveling exhibit that has things like a Square-Wheeled Tricycle, an Organ-Function Grinder, a Universal Wheel of Chance, and the Pythagorean Playpen.

It’s a place I hope to never go. Ever.

That said, even if you’re, like, the opposite of Rain Man, or just stupid, it’s kind of nice that this former hedge-funder is so excited about math, and not using it to create complex financial instruments with which to quietly sodomize Western Civilization in the wallets while filling his own. Instead, he wants to do this. That’s kind of sincerely wonderful. Seeing as how we have a museum for basically everything else, once he clears the bureaucratic hurdles, there’s really not much standing in Whitney’s way…

    • Once he fills in the variables.
    • Getting to the other side of the equation.
    • Making his way to the final product.
    • Towards adding everything up.


Etc. The upshot to this of course are a bunch of bloggers and writers and other people like them who’re mathematically impaired and/or had to take Algebra 2 twice exhausting themselves trying to come up with “crafty” puns which sustain such an impressively low level of quality they eventually risk putting their