The Joy of Cooking: Twitter Introduces Embeddable Tweets with ‘Blackbird Pie,'” ‘Bake It'” Button


Yesterday, Twitter’s media blog hinted about releasing an actual way to embed Tweets in blog posts that’s less annoying and more functional than doing screen grabs. “This will change the way we blog forever!!!” we said. Today, they introduced the questionably named, but seemingly quite useful, Blackbird Pie, which generates pretty little “chunk” Tweets that can be inserted into any blog format.

Creating a fully functioning clickable Tweet seems grandma-easy. Just input a single Tweet’s URL and click the super-cheesy “Bake It” button (Get it? Like a pie!) to produce a pretty sizable block of HTML code that can be dropped into a blog post the same way a YouTube video would be. We tested it out and it actually looks pretty nice; the name of the Tweeter, the time stamp of the Tweet, and the program they tweeted it from are all functional links. File under “things that are going to make our lives a lot easier,” so we can do more shit like this.

Twitter Media warns that initial bugs are to be expected, though we haven’t encountered any yet (not including Twitter itself totally buggin’ the last few days), and more slight changes in design are also forthcoming. Finally, a medium to include more Twitter-quality insight in our bloggy journalistic endeavors. We’re more than ready to “bake it,” bitches.

This baby looks like the giant blob from Blade RT @yourunemployedd whoa, Kids Are Getting, Like, Orca Fat.

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