The Juice Press Will Open Thursday, With Weight Control and Raw Dessert Classes to Follow


A stroll this morning by the Juice Press turned up this sign in the window informing passers-by that the incipient 1st Street juice bar will open on Thursday, May 6. But that’s just the first phase of its opening.

As previously noted, this place is shaping up to be a ground zero for the strenuously health-conscious set, with raw foods, weight control programs, and more. The new sign in the window promises that in addition to being raw, the shop’s soups, snacks, and desserts will also be live. And they are but a harbinger of things to come: Phase 2 of the opening will begin on June 2, when the Juice Press rolls out “complete NYC delivery” and juice cleansing and weight control programs. And on August 1, Phase 3 will bring raw food cooking seminars with “master raw food chefs,” after-hours raw dessert making classes, and after-hour nutrition classes.

In short, it seems that 1st Street will soon be home to a raw food juggernaut that may rival Organic Avenue a few blocks south. Neighborhood orthorexics, rejoice!

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