Times Square Bomb Suspect Not Driven By Bad Housing


If the FBI really does have the right Times Square bombing culprit in Faisal Shahzad, the naturalized American citizen from Pakistan who was picked up last night at JFK, then his motives don’t appear to have anything to do with bad housing.

The web shot (above) is of a home in the leafy Connecticut town of Shelton, outside of Bridgeport, where Shahzad and his family allegedly lived for three years, according to the Times. The posting for the “beautiful single-family home” lists the seller/realtor as one Faisal Shahzad, so that much checks out. Note the kitchen’s microwave, stainless steel range, dishwasher and oak-veneer cabinets. There’s also a pair of cozy bedrooms upstairs, and a white picket fence outside.

Hard as it is to figure what makes someone park a gas and fertilizer-filled SUV in a Broadway bus lane on a crowded Saturday night, it’s worth remembering that New York’s last genuine Mad Bomber, the legendary Con-Ed hating George Metesky, whose dozens of bombs haunted the city for years, also lived in Connecticut, the well-known Nut-meg state.