Watercress Now; Restaurants Bring the Noise


It’s not as exciting as ramps to most foodies, but watercress has been gaining a following among both chefs and home cooks, and it’s in season now.
[NY Times]

Food photography in restaurants is getting out of hand. Dovetail’s John Fraser has had customers set up tripods. Momofuku Ko, La Esquina, and Corton have banned cameras.
[NY Magazine]

Gwyneth Paltrow says that were she not in movies, she’d open a restaurant. The actress loves to cook “American food, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, I make bread and fresh pasta.”
[Coventry Telegraph]

A new study reveals that people who serve themselves at the kitchen counter instead of at the table eat fewer calories. Conversely, to eat more fruit and veg, put it out.

People turn to baking in a poor economy, and breadmaking is now all the rage. Making sourdough is a special interest, which takes the dedication of keeping a pet for the starter.
[Wall Street Journal]

Louisiana wants people to know the state’s seafood supply was barely affected by the recent oil spill. Only six of 32 oyster beds in the Mississippi River have been closed.
[NY Times]

Certain restaurants apparently keep the noise level high in order to get people to drink more and eat faster. But customers and critics don’t like it.

The FDA’s director of food safety is leaving the agency for an academic post. Stephen Sundlof, a veterinarian by profession, has been with the FDA 16 years.
[Wall Street Journal]