B.o.B Fulfills His Destiny, Goes #1


Not to brag or anything, but Sean Fennessey pretty much called this exact turn of events a full month ago. The success of The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which sold 84,000 copies out of the gate, was a phenomenon long in the making–follow, if you care to, his team’s careful set of decisions, from introducing B.o.B on mixtapes as the second coming of Andre 3000, to giving him his stripes via a very public T.I. co-sign, to the late-stage zig-zag from rappin’ ass rapper to folk-rock Coldplay acolyte, just in time to collect Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, and Rivers Cuomo for his all-over-the-map debut album. It worked (if you can call 84K success these days), and B.o.B’s template will likely now be studied by A&Rs for years to come. If–after three straight weeks of sub-100K #1s–A&Rs still exist, anyway. [Billboard]