Brooklyn Farmacy Rises From the Ashes of the Vermont Pharmacy


For years, the Vermont Pharmacy was a source of fascination and mystery to many residents of Carroll Gardens: boarded-up and neglected, it appeared as both a relic of a distant, more eccentric past and a monument to contemporary urban neglect. But that changed last year, when rumors of its resurrection began circulating and a fund-raiser involving the Greenhorns and roasted goats took over the corner of Henry and Sackett Streets for one day in June. On May 14th, the rumors will bear fruit when the Vermont Pharmacy will soft-open as the Brooklyn Farmacy.

Cobble Hill Blog has photos of the new space, which appears to be the apotheosis of the kind of carefully cultivated urban-pastoral aesthetic that has characterized so many Brooklyn businesses of late.

There are McClure’s products lining the shelves, baskets of local, organic, and seasonal apples, a display case of natural, handmade soaps, and egg creams made behind the counter. There’s an old-timey, robin’s egg blue refrigerator, tiled floors, and burnished wooden pharmacy cases, meticulously restored with help from the Discover Channel’s Construction Intervention (which also lent a hand to the Botta di Vino wine store in Red Hook). In short, it looks beautiful, slightly twee, and like it will be a vast improvement over the disused space that languished on the corner for so long.