Tonight! Hot Hot Heat, Washed Out, Midnight Masses, ArpLine, And 5 de Gall HyperMex Dance Party


Tonight, Hot Hot Heat begin their month-long residency at Public Assembly, an attempt to shed their image as radio-rock backwash that ends up on the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack. Over at the Bell House, Washed Out unleash the chill, much to the chagrin of poor Gary Low. Meanwhile, sappy twinkle-poppers Freelance Whales take a break from Bedford busking in favor of an evening at Webster Hall. Or, you have a choice between two Cinco de Mayo fiestas: a show at Le Poisson Rouge that juxtaposes the billowy alt.folk of Midnight Masses with the heaving synth stomps of ArpLine, or Santos’ Party House’s “Hyper-Mexican” 5 de Gall HyperMex Dance Party, which sounds like a boneheaded Dos Equis throw-down until you stumble upon its theme: “Tron meets mariachis with fluorescent colors, spaceship cumbia, and glowsticks.” Ay caramba.