Allstate Uncovers the Truth About Teenage Drivers


Allstate has surveyed teenage drivers across the country, and the results are “a surprise to many people,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Everyone thought that girls were all nicey-nice rule-abiding drivers, but really, they’re rage-fueled maniacs on the road, same as everybody else!

48% of girls said they are likely to drive 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. By comparison, 36% of the boys admitted to speeding. Of the girls, 16% characterized their own driving as aggressive, up from 9% in 2005.

Young women “are taking on more risks in all aspects of their lives,” says Stacy Sharpe, Allstate’s assistant vice president for federal affairs. So, like, bad driving is just a natural progression.

More girls than boys report that they will drive distracted in the future:
• 51% of girls are likely to use a cell phone to talk, text or email while driving, versus 38% of boys.
• 84% of girls are likely to adjust music selection or volume while driving, versus only 69% of boys. (Boys, however, are more likely to crash into houses while doing so.)

But Adrian Mic, owner of Adrian’s Driving School in Tarrytown, New York, claims that boys are full of crap and ladies are just driven by their emotions, at the end of the day: “Trust me, boys are lying. Women in general are more likely to follow the rules, in my experience,” he says. But girls “don’t pay attention to the speed limit. They just drive the way they feel.”

Meanwhile, 7-year-old boys are way more likely to take out the car for a joyride and get involved in a high-speed police chase. But that’s just funny!