Did You Know That Our Very Own Rob Harvilla Owes His Rock-Crit Career to an Orthodontist Visit? Neither Did We.


Awfully adorable interview with our very own Rob Harvilla over at Glide Magazine‘s Hidden Track, which the rest of us at SOTC discovered via “Village Voice” Google Alert, because Rob’s humble like that. But since our “current shopkeep of the Voice‘s storied music department” is off serving jury duty, he can’t stop me from celebrating/politely embarrassing him.

Any close reader of Rob’s work knows of his coming-of-age awakenings with They Might Be Giants, his Janelle Monáe affliction, and his well-documented Grandaddy obsession. But in this interview, even we’ve discovered a few things about our office homie we didn’t know. Like that he once sent a girl a letter with (using?) “all the lyrics to Sunny Day Real Estate’s In Circles” or that Rob owes his entire rock-crit career to an orthodontist named Dr. Pfister. (Ooh, ooh, does this mean Rob once also had braces?) Also: Def Leppard is the Band Rob Would Most Likely Want To Write a Book Maybe About If It Ever Came To That, Maybe He’s Joking But Still. And there’s a really sweet shout-out to his peers, Zach and some chick named Camille Dodoro, who if anyone could track down, I’d like to hire. But lastly, we get the beauty of Rob being Rob, in answer to a question of how he differentiates himself as a writer. “I wish I had a creed more official and credible-sounding than Amuse Thyself, but, well.” [Hidden Track]